This Subject Always Causes Laughter When It Is Mentioned

This Subject Always Causes Laughter When It Is Mentioned - Maude St-Clair

Whenever I remember the phrase SEO Toronto, I laugh and I always do so heartily. The reason why I go through that is not because the phrase sounds funny but because of the perception that some people have about it. Some people who are in technology know and understand exactly what it means but many who are ignorant find themselves not able to make head or tail about it. Some people cause more laughter with what you hear them asking. For instance there is one guy who was busy asking very ignorantly, “What kind of an animal is this you are talking about?” When he was enlightened about the meaning of the phrase it was laughter until he disappeared from the scene. Many a time you get to deal with people like these and there is a lot whem you get to learn from. It is always an eye opener, at times you even realize instead of going there to teach the rural folk you are the one who has to be taught. You just have to humble yourself and accept the truth and move on from there.

At times I think aloud of a scenario which can take people for an outreach program that is intended to create awareness among the rural masses about the subject. There is bound to be a lot of observations, some funny and some requiring deep thought. Talk to somebody among the rural folks whose work is limited to tilling the farm. Tell him about SEO Toronto and you will find out that he doesn’t have the slightest idea of what you're talking about. Simultaneously you will find others who know about it and don’t want anything to do with it at all or don’t even give a damn about it in the slightest.

There will be a very big disparity between city folk and the rural folk in terms of addressing this subject. At one point be sure to find somebody who will even insult you for having talked about the matter. It is a strange world that brings all these wonders which will not cease in the nearest future. While some folks are striving to be in touch with the latest trends in technology, others are languishing in ignorance of the highest (or lowest) order. At times you even get confused and you don’t know what think of when you look at scenarios like these.